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We are an engineer-led DevOps and digital transformation consultancy.

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What we do

Built and run by engineers means that . . .

Our consultancy is driven by a genuine engineering ethos, setting us apart in the market

We build scalable teams to help technology leaders create services and products by leveraging our engineering culture and innovative ways of working

We’ve been there and know what works

We know that bad technology decisions exponentially increase the running costs of tooling

We can speak to people, at all levels, about great technology

We create a culture of innovation using tried and tested processes and engineering best practices

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What we offer

"60 minutes with Adroit"

A free hour-long consultation with our practice leads

 On-Demand Engineering:
On-Demand Engineering:

Consultancy-backed engineers deployed to complete a statement of work

 Leadership and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Services:
Leadership and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Services:

A strategically defined vision across your IT ecosystem

 Security and DevSecOps:
Security and DevSecOps:

DevSecOps and CSPM Services

 Adroit Squads:
Adroit Squads:

Hand-picked teams to deliver and support your project

 Developer Self-Service & Experience
Developer Self-Service & Experience

Provide developers with the freedom essential for efficiently delivering scalable and compliant software solutions.

 Data Engineering & Analytics:
Data Engineering & Analytics:

Unlock the full potential of your data with Adroit's bespoke solutions

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Who we are?

Adroit was co-founded and built on the collective expertise of engineers with a passion for Automation and DevOps


Adroit helps organisations of all sizes to develop products and services while building the core foundations of great technology and people.


Our founders have significant industry expertise in technology leadership and engineering. Adroit has been there and knows what works and can speak to people at all levels about great technology.


Pav Khural and Tom Hudson, co-founder and directors, have a combined 30 years of experience in financial services, government, and oil and gas.

Articles and case studies

8 Sep 2023 A Deeper Look At The Role of Developer Self-Service
A Deeper Look At The Role of Developer Self-Service

A Deeper Look At The Role of Developer Self-Service

24 May 2023 In Conversation: 6 Minutes with Sachin Shah
In Conversation: 6 Minutes with Sachin Shah

Adopting agile methodologies and embracing innovation is key for growth...

NPSx & Adroit
9 May 2023 NPSx Case Study
NPSx Case Study

"Adroit Cloud Consulting empowers NPSx to scale CX offering with DevOps and technical ...

NPSx & Adroit
27 Apr 2023 What is GitOps?
What is GitOps?

"GitOps enables teams to automate infrastructure and application deployments."

Pavneet Khural Co-Founder
5 Apr 2023 Security in CI/CD Pipelines
Security in CI/CD Pipelines

"Container and Code Scanning: Strengthening CI/CD Security."

Tom Hudson Co-Founder

Join us and work with us

Adroit thrives on building highly innovative teams with great people who share its core values to deliver outstanding technology for its customers.


We offer flexible working in a community of like-minded individuals with a drive for technology and encouraging personal development.


We are always looking for enthusiastic, keen, tech-minded individuals who thrive on working with the latest technologies and tools.


Please check back here for new openings.

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