How are we different

“Built and Run by engineers means that: our consultancy is driven by a genuine engineering ethos, setting us apart in the market.”

Built and Run by Engineers

Our co-founders, having started their journeys as engineers, have a deep-rooted engineering ethos that is the core of our consultancy. This engineering-driven approach sets us apart in the market, allowing us to deliver technical precision, innovation, and expertise.

The Challenges You Face

Putting together an engineering team using the agency model can be a lengthy and inefficient process:

  • Investing significant time and resources into crafting meticulous job specifications.
  • Being bombarded with relentless approaches from agencies.
  • Receiving a barrage of CVs, many of which are neither a cultural nor technical fit for your company.

After recruitment, the challenges continue:

  • Consultants or teams implement tooling and solutions based on what they have done before, not because it offers the best value to your business.
  • This approach leads to misaligned technology strategies and increased complexities.
  • When they exit, consultants often leave behind a vast knowledge gap. This can trigger spiralling technical debt and skyrocketing costs.

How Adroit Cloud Consulting Mitigates These Challenges

At the heart of Adroit Cloud Consulting is our engineer-led ethos. This means we approach challenges with the depth and precision that only engineers can bring. Our streamlined approach is efficient and removes the overwhelming and time-consuming process of sifting through countless profiles trying to find the right technical and cultural fit, all within allocated timelines and budgets.

The Value We Add

  • Finding a team with optimal fit for your organisation: Our recruitment process is rigorous but deeply rooted in relationships. Often, we collaborate with existing engineers with whom we have had a long professional relationship and who have previously been a part of the Adroit family. This ensures an optimal fit for your needs and brings trust and synergy to the project.
  • Choosing the tooling that is the best fit for your organisation: Tooling needs to serve your business, not be the model that a consultant is most familiar with. During our “60 minutes with Adroit” session, we gain an understanding of your unique needs, challenges, and objectives. This allows us to recommend and implement tooling and solutions that are the best fit for your organisation, rather than just what is familiar or trendy in a given month. Our advice is always grounded in our extensive experience and tailored to your specific context – advice provided by engineers.
  • Security first: In a world where governance and security are paramount, our engineering mindset ensures that every solution is not just innovative but also robust, secure, and compliant.
  • Training and developing your staff: To produce a sustainable solution, we put your team at the forefront and equip them with the skills and knowledge to run, modify, and expand upon it. We provide robust documentation, continual collaboration, and hands-on training sessions. Our interactive whiteboard sessions serve as a platform for mentoring, where your staff can learn directly from our experienced engineers.
  • Post-contract support: We do not leave you in the lurch once the project is completed. Post-contract, we offer steadfast support, ensuring that the technical knowledge and skills we have imparted remain a powerful asset within your company, enabling you to be self-reliant, feature and future-ready.

Why Choose Adroit

Choosing Adroit means partnering with an organisation where engineering excellence is paramount. Both our founders are DevOps Engineers by trade hence our engineer-led approach ensures that solutions are not just innovative but also robust and scalable. This engineering culture translates to services that are technically resilient and tailored to address your intricate challenges. Whether On-Demand Engineering or Data Engineering and Analytics, our offerings are underpinned by engineering excellence, ensuring they are not just effective but also future-proof. Our unwavering commitment to knowledge sharing, backed by our engineering experience, ensures that you are not just equipped to tackle existing challenges but are also primed for future innovations. In essence, partnering with us means leveraging a culture of technical innovation backed by tried and tested engineering best practices, ensuring your long-term success and growth.