Social Value

At Adroit, we’re more than technology innovators; we’re community builders. From safeguarding employee wellbeing in the wake of COVID-19, to leading the charge against climate change, fostering equality, and nurturing the overall wellbeing of all involved with our mission. We’re committed to a united, resilient, and sustainable future where innovation drives positive change.

Adroit thrives on building highly innovative teams with great people who share its core values to deliver outstanding technology for its customers. We offer flexible working in a community of like-minded individuals with a drive for technology and encouraging personal development.
These individuals have an equal desire to improve the society in which they live.

COVID-19 recovery

Enhancing workplace conditions to support COVID-19 recovery required a comprehensive effort. As a responsible company, Adroit implemented the following measures to safeguard the wellbeing of its employees and contribute to the broader recovery efforts:

  • Remote Working: We facilitated and promoted remote working options wherever feasible
  • Employee Support and Communication: Regular updates on COVID-19 developments, safety measures, and resources were communicated transparently to our employees and subcontractors
  • Mental Health Support: Adroit places a strong emphasis on fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. We believe in open communication and creating a culture where everyone feels heard and supported. Through regular check-ins, and an empathetic management approach, we strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance and emotional wellbeing for all our team members. Employee mental wellness is integral to us.

By adopting these measures, Adroit is a workplace that fosters a culture of safety, flexibility, and employee wellbeing. Our commitment to improving workplace conditions will contribute to the broader COVID-19 recovery effort and help us emerge stronger as a united and resilient workforce.

Tackling climate change

Adroit is committed to reaching net zero by 2050 and is actively reducing its carbon emissions from its biggest source – transport. As a digital transformation consultancy, we use all the tools available to encourage our teams to work fully remotely whenever possible. This reduces our CO2 emissions, as well as offering significant agility and cost savings to our clients.
We have adopted the following carbon reduction targets:

  • One director consistently commuting to the train station by bicycle
  • Reducing the frequency of our travels to client offices, aiming to decrease one day of travel per month
  • Actively encouraging employees and subcontractors to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings where possible.
  • Collaborating with Trees for Life to initiate tree-planting projects that will effectively offset the carbon emissions arising from our train and car travel.
  • Undertaking thorough investigations into the feasibility of replacing our current hybrid vehicles with fully electric models.

Our projections indicate a noteworthy decline in carbon emissions over the next five years.
We aim to pave the way for a sustainable and environmentally responsible future by adhering to these measures and engaging in prudent actions.

Equal opportunity

As a digital transformation consultancy, a core focus is on creating employment opportunities for individuals facing barriers to employment and those located in deprived areas.
We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in our workforce by providing equal opportunities to all candidates based on their skills and potential. Collaborating with local organisations and community groups, we actively seek out talent from disadvantaged communities to contribute to their economic growth and uplift them. Our dedication to creating meaningful employment opportunities drives our mission to make a positive impact and foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

To demonstrate our dedication to this goal, we have implemented several actions:

  • Regular Audits: We conduct regular audits of our contract workforce to identify disparities in employment opportunities, skills development, and pay. These audits help us understand the areas that need improvement and ensure transparency in our practices.
  • Equal Pay Policy: We have an equal pay policy to ensure that all workers, regardless of their contract status, receive fair and equitable compensation for their work.
  • Skill Enhancement Programmes: We offer skill enhancement programmes to all employees, providing them with opportunities to develop and grow professionally. By investing in their skills, we aim to level the playing field and empower them for future career advancement.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training: We conduct training sessions for our workforce to promote diversity and inclusion. These sessions raise awareness about the importance of fairness and respect, fostering a culture that values diversity.
  • Regular Feedback Mechanisms: We encourage open communication and feedback from our subcontractors. This helps us identify and address any concerns or issues related to inequality promptly.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment where all employees, regardless of their contractual status, have equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.


We are deeply committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our employees and subcontractors by addressing both physical and mental health aspects.

We offer flexible work arrangements to our employees whenever possible. This enables them to better manage their personal and professional commitments, contributing to their overall wellbeing.

Our influence extends to suppliers, customers, and communities. We actively prioritise suppliers who share our commitment to supporting wellbeing. Through our products and services, we promote healthier lifestyles, offering eco-friendly and sustainable options that benefit both customers and the environment. Furthermore, we engage with communities through health-related outreach programmes and initiatives. We aim to create a positive and lasting impact on individual and societal wellbeing, ensuring a healthier and happier future for all those we interact with.


The policy can be downloaded below.