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Developer Self-Service and Experience (DevEx)

Developer Self-Service and Experience (DevEx)

In today's dynamic landscape, providing the right tools and autonomy is key. Our DevEx (Developer Experience) solutions empower your engineers with the platforms and freedom needed to efficiently deliver scalable, compliant software.

Our Approach

Our DevEx solutions are purpose-built to increase developer productivity while ensuring adherence to organisational standards and security policies.  This dual focus empowers your developers to achieve rapid delivery while maintaining compliance.


Self-Service Portals

Access resources, deploy code, and manage applications independently, bolstering productivity and innovation.


Automated CI/CD

Streamline deployments with pre-configured pipelines that enforce security policies, and compliance directives.


Reduce Cost

Manage infrastructure costs through automated provisioning and decommissioning of resources, eliminating waste.

How it Works

We provide the tools and autonomy your engineers need to build scalable and compliant software. This includes self-service portals and automated CI/CD pipelines, allowing developers to seamlessly access resources, deploy code, manage applications, and focus on impactful work.

How it Works

Why Adroit?

We're not just consultants, we're architects, engineers, and project managers crafting teams that drive our partner's projects forward. At Adroit, each project is governed by an MSA and tied to a Statement Of Work in which we take full ownership of the delivery. We guarantee consistency, and compatibility, all under the expectancy that we’ll build ourselves out after the objective is achieved.

Why Adroit?

In Conversation Series

Adrian Leu COO E-Bate shares his insight into navigating the challenges of building a business from the ground up, highlighting the importance of partnering with a consultancy backed by engineers to achieve it.