Adroit and NPSx Case Study

Adroit Cloud Consulting empowers NPSx to scale CX offering with DevOps and technical expertise

NPSx launched in January 2022 as a Bain & Company-backed digital venture, offering suite of products centered around customer experience to organisations hungry for long-term growth. Seeking strategic partners to help scale the now multi-product offering, they turned to the DevOps and technical expertise of Adroit Cloud Consulting.

How can an ambitious technology start-up bring a new suite of products to life, without already tight budgets spiralling? That’s exactly the challenge that NPSx faced in 2022.

With an ambitious product roadmap to deliver and limited financial backing, Adroit’s nuanced understanding of culture, automation, software engineering and platform design proved crucial in helping the business scale.

About NPSx

NPSx, by Bain and Company, offers standard or customisable packages for whole teams or individual practitioners who are looking to upskill or fully certify their organisation. Broadening its service offering from a single platform to an entire suite of customer experience (CX) products, today the company provides actionable insights and analysis to shape game-changing customer journeys.

The challenge

Bain & Company founded NPSx with a view to bringing the firm’s decades of industry leadership to B2B and B2C customers — helping them stay ahead of the curve with world-class technology. The global management consultancy giant wanted to create a suite of products helping CX leaders and professionals build their knowledge base and networks, and achieve customer love — ultimately supporting their business growth.

In tandem, the team wished to develop their Kinetics AI data analytics platform, and offer their customers the opportunity to audit their CX practices with accreditations. As a start-up, NPSx had limited funds, and its products were nothing more than concepts at the time. They needed an expert team to turn their product ideas into a reality, whilst helping them scale the offering sustainably.

Responsible for leading the technical vision and execution for NPSx, Sachin Shah, senior director of technology, posted a request on CTO Craft looking for DevOps experts. This would set the wheels in motion for Adroit and NPSx’s partnership.

The solution

NPSx needed a bolt-on DevOps consultancy team that could deliver roadmaps, on time and budget, to help their customers augment their CX training and accreditations. In the long term, this would help global enterprises mature their CX strategy with top-rated industry practices.

By speaking directly on a technology leadership forum, Sachin saved time and resource sourcing expertise by himself. Soon after engagement, he was appointed with two of Adroit’s senior engineers – one an expert in DevOps, another a hands-on engineer — who began driving progress forward with the firm almost immediately.

Speaking on offering technical direction throughout the digital venture, Alex Lyon commented: “As Adroit’s Senior DevOps Engineer, my focus has been on implementing GitLab and establishing efficient CI/CD pipelines to streamline our development processes.

“Additionally, I have been working on creating and maintaining Terraform infrastructure as code to deploy infrastructure to Google’s Cloud Platform. My goal is to provide specialist guidance and ensure that our digital ventures are executed in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

Lead Engineer, Shailesh Prakash, has also worked on a new login system to personalise the enterprise customer experience, along with adding security features such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and brute force attack prevention.

Adding further insight to the scope of works, Shailesh concluded: “NPSx has a suite of products focused on enterprise customers — many of whom use products that hold sensitive business information. The NPSx login system not only protects users’ data, it also ensures only authorised personnel are ever granted access.”

The results

NPSx now has a full product portfolio rather than one concept. This unites four key products in the My CX platform. Having started with the application and pipeline setups, the team now has a continuous roadmap for 2023 in beyond, where they are able to instruct the support of contractors as and when required.

Adroit now offers full cloud support across various product stacks. This has helped NPSx secure infrastructure to support the customer experience.

With limited budgets, this project was not easy to implement. Adroit had to plan for capacity challenges and pivoted as product needs changed. But the results have been game-changing. Today, NPSx is empowered to develop infrastructure as it scales. As the business grows, so too does its CX offering.

Sachin summarised the ongoing relationship, by saying: “We were very impressed with Adroit’s support from the start. They were easy to work with, and understood our brief completely — going above and beyond DevOps requirements alone.

“They have been instrumental in helping us source engineers, and have taken on all of our pipeline challenges without hesitation. In supporting the technical direction of NPSx’s suite of services, they’ve been proactive in suggesting more options too. We consider them an essential part of our growth journey.”

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