We’ve been there and know what works

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Sharing our capability, to build on yours.

From shared Frustration to Shared Purpose

Sharing 30+ years of experience as senior DevOps Engineers, Adroit founders, Tom Hudson and Pav Khural were all too familiar with the pitfalls of poor technical decisions. Witnessing firsthand the effects of businesses prioritising short-term delivery over long-term value creation.

Driven by our engineering ethos, we distinguish ourselves through a commitment to our client's needs, offering not just technical solutions but practical guidance. We’ve been there, know what works, and can speak to all levels about great technology.

Our Founders

Tom Hudson

Tom Hudson

Tom, a seasoned Lead DevOps Engineer, is a cornerstone of our technical expertise. He possesses deep knowledge of Linux, Python, Kubernetes, Cloud Platforms, and CI/CD systems. This expertise was honed through his experience at companies like BP, BNP Paribas, and Thomson Reuters. Tom's extensive experience allows him to tackle complex technical challenges head-on, elevating engineering teams.

Pav Khural

Pav Khural

Having honed his skills across diverse sectors such in senior roles at BP, WTW, and  Ministry of Justice UK, Pav’s broad exposure enables him to navigate various business environments and contribute valuable insights to Adroit’s diverse client base. His passion lies in automation, with his leadership approach founded on collaboration, and building strong, unified workforces.

Built and run by engineers...

We know that bad technology decisions exponentially increase the running costs of tooling

We’ve been there and know what works

We build scalable teams to help technology leaders create services and products by leveraging our engineering culture and innovative ways of working

Our engineering-driven approach sets us apart in the market, allowing us to deliver technical precision, innovation, and expertise.

Built and run by engineers...

Our Mission, Your Success

We believe in the power of collaboration, leadership development, and leaving a lasting legacy of empowered teams and thriving technological landscapes.


Engineer-led Solutions

Our deep technical expertise ensures solutions that are innovative, robust, and scalable for the long haul.


Optimal Team Fit

Our rigorous, relationship-based resourcing ensures the perfect technical and cultural fit.


Tailored Tooling

We understand your unique needs and recommend the best tools for your specific context, not just what's trendy.


Knowledge Transfer

Through training, documentation, and interactive sessions the knowledge we impart remains a valuable asset.

What We Do

With three decades of senior engineering experience, we deliver Cloud, DevOps, Data, and Software projects with robust design and world class talent.