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The energy sector is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, driven by factors like renewable energy integration, grid modernisation, and the rise of data-driven decision making. At Adroit Cloud Consulting, we understand the unique challenges faced by energy companies, and we leverage our deep engineering expertise to deliver innovative solutions.


Enhanced Productivity

Our cloud and data engineering services can help you streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve asset management across your operations.


Security and Compliance

We prioritise robust security practices in everything we do, ensuring your data and infrastructure adhere to the strictest industry regulations.


Unlock the Power of Data

Our data engineering expertise empowers you to harness the data generated by your assets, leading to actionable insights and improved decision-making.


Future-Proof Your Infrastructure

We design and implement cloud-based solutions with scalability and future growth in mind, ensuring your technology stack can adapt to evolving demands.

Our Experience

Adroit Cloud Consulting's founders bring a wealth of experience from their time as senior DevOps engineers at BP. This hands-on experience in the energy sector allows us to anticipate your specific needs and challenges, delivering solutions that are not only technically sound but also directly address the complexities of the energy industry.

Adroit AI

Why Adroit?

We're not just consultants, we're architects, engineers, and project managers crafting teams that drive our partner's projects forward. At Adroit, each project is governed by an MSA and tied to a Statement Of Work in which we take full ownership of the delivery. We guarantee consistency, and compatibility, all under the expectancy that we’ll build ourselves out after the objective is achieved.

Why Adroit?

What We Do

With three decades of senior engineering experience, we deliver Cloud, DevOps, Data, and Software projects with robust design and world class talent.