On-Demand Engineering:

On-Demand Engineering:

About On-Demand Engineering

At Adroit, we understand that businesses often need to quickly ramp up their engineering capabilities to meet critical project and business needs. That’s why we offer our On-Demand Engineering service – providing you with a team of consultancy-backed engineers to complete a statement of work, with the flexibility to scale up or down as needed throughout the project lifecycle.

How it works

Our team of engineers are hand-picked from our existing network of pre-vetted specialists and SMEs, ensuring that we only provide you with the best talent for your specific project requirements. We pre-screen and pre-vet all of our hires using technical competency assessments and our extensive experience as an engineer-led organisation. This process ensures that our engineers possess the required level of technical and interpersonal skills, as well as subject matter expertise, to deliver successful project outcomes.

Adroit’s On-Demand Engineering teams are typically UK-based, but we also have a nearshore team available in Lithuania, Europe, providing you with further flexibility and cost-efficiency.

We believe that successful engineering projects require close collaboration between engineers and stakeholders, and that’s why we encourage our engineers to work together as a community. Our community-based approach provides continuity of knowledge and experience for our clients, and it enables us to deliver tried-and-tested best practice solutions for every project.

Our community of engineers is backed up by our leadership team, who not only understand your business requirements but also share our engineers’ knowledge and experience. We provide our engineers with the necessary tools and knowledge to enable technical conversations with your stakeholders, resulting in efficient project management and effective communication in a language that everyone understands.

At Adroit, we are committed to ensuring the success of your project. That’s why all our engineers are consultancy-backed, supported, and endorsed by Adroit. We work as a community to provide you with the best collaborative solutions, giving you future-proofing knowledge transfer to your engineers and stakeholders. Whether you require a complete squad or an on-demand service, we have got you covered.

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