Adroit Squads:

Adroit Squads:

About Adroit Squads

Adroit Squads offers tailored solutions to help your business achieve its mission and key deliverables. Our hand-picked teams, which may include squad leaders, scrum masters, product owners, delivery managers and engineers, are carefully chosen to deliver and support your project, regardless of its size. Our goal is to build a culture of innovation within your business, and our Squads offering can build the perfect team to help achieve this.

We are experts in providing the necessary skills and experience in the required fields to ensure successful delivery while simultaneously building a culture of change, innovation and engineering excellence from the ground up. Our teams are usually UK-based, but if needed, we have a nearshore team available in Lithuania, Europe

How it works

At Adroit, we pride ourselves on our rigorous hiring process. We pre-screen all of our hires using technical competency assessments and experience gained as an engineer-led organisation. This ensures that we only select pre-vetted, experienced engineers with the required level of technical and interpersonal skills and subject matter expertise necessary for successful project delivery. We don’t pick consultants from a pre-existing bench; instead, we have our own team and an extensive network of engineers, which enables us to assemble the best team for your project’s unique requirements.

Our engineers are skilled collaborators who work with continuity of knowledge to ensure successful collaboration with stakeholders. Adroit is run by engineers, which gives us unique insight into how technical delivery and collaboration work. Many of our consultants have worked together on previous projects, and where using the same team again would aid delivery, we’ll do just that to provide continuity of knowledge and experience. We back up our teams with a community that shares its knowledge and experience and with leadership that understands the business requirements. Engineers in the Adroit community are encouraged to contribute to our centralised library of code repositories, toolsets and workflows. This enables all of our projects to deliver tried-and-tested best practice solutions.

Adroit provides the tools and knowledge to enable technical conversations between our engineers and your stakeholders. This results in efficient project management and effective communications in a language that your stakeholders understand.

All of Adroit’s engineers are consultancy-backed, supported and endorsed by Adroit to ensure the success of your project. They work as a community to provide you with the best collaborative solutions, which in turn future-proofs knowledge transfer to your engineers and stakeholders. Whether you need a complete squad or an on-demand service, Adroit Squads is here to help you achieve your goals.

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