Who we are

Who we are

Our Founders Story

Pav and Tom worked alongside each other for a number of years as DevOps engineers for various different businesses; with a shared passion for doing things the right way they had witnessed a common pattern evolving across all different businesses regardless of the technology stack. The fundamental challenges always remained the same which led them to the realisation….

“You know what I think? We could do this a lot better”. 👨‍💻

This came after spending years implementing solutions driven from delivery-only cadences rather than a bigger picture in mind to improve the foundations, technologies and landscapes that are core to building great tech and engaging even better people.

Much of the great engineering work and solutions they had built over the years ended up in a “technical graveyard” of debt, never to be seen or used again.

So with this drive and motivation, they decided to start Adroit to do engineering…

the right way…

Pav Khural

Pav is a seasoned and highly experienced DevOps engineer with over 15 years of experience working across all business landscapes, including financial services, retail, public and private sector and, of course start-ups!

Highly driven and motivated with a passion for all things automation, devops and cloud native and a drive to work alongside like-minded individuals who share the same passion and goals for building great technology the right way.

A naturally motivated leader who thrives on technical collaboration and innovation.

During his time in the energy sector, Pav automated everything from CI/CD Pipelines and Microservices through to building a self-service platform for development teams to build and deploy applications into fully automated environments from scratch.

For a financial services organisation, Pav delivered an industry-first HPC (High Performance Compute) Grid Platform in Azure for a major UK bank and worked closely with development teams and stakeholders to ensure core milestones and deliverables were met while also providing technical leadership and engineering best practices.

Tom Hudson

Tom Hudson is a seasoned Lead DevOps Engineer. With deep technical expertise spanning Linux, Python, Kubernetes, Cloud Native Platforms, and CI/CD systems. Tom’s leadership has consistently guided engineering teams to achieve excellence.

A leader able to bring about innovation

Before co-founding Adroit, Tom made impactful contributions in various sectors, notably within the oil and gas industry and the UK government, which underscore his ability to lead and bring about innovation in demanding settings.

During his time in oil and gas Tom implemented automation strategies resulting in improved efficiency gains and secure, deployment processes for containerised applications.

A leader in people development

For the UK government, Tom demonstrated technical leadership while overseeing diverse teams of engineers on key UK government initiatives. He championed the modernisation and optimisation of digital environments for a number of projects, placing a premium on security and accessibility. These efforts facilitated seamless collaboration for development teams, setting new standards for operational efficiency.

Tom’s leadership ethos is anchored in innovation, engineering best practices, and dedication to people.

A team to assist technology leaders

The Adroit team is unwavering in their mission to assist technology leaders in crafting transformative services and products. They are committed to building scalable teams, making astute technology choices, and nurturing a culture of innovation through tried and tested methodologies, always emphasising leadership and team development.